5 Things You Must Look For In Your Next Car

The computer screen in an autonomous prototype Continental Chrysler 300C sedan is seen during an event featuring numerous self-driving cars on Capitol Hill in Washington March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Whether for comfort, convenience, luxury, or vanity, it is everybody’s dream to buy the perfect car. While some of us would love to drive around in a dynamic sedan, there are others who feel the thrill only when driving a fiery SUV. So, if you are a car enthusiast who’s planning to buy a new car anytime soon, there are few things you should consider before arriving at your final decision. You need to ensure that the car you want to take home has something from the future. If you rely only on auto reviews to help you with the decision, you will be disappointed to know that they won’t tell you everything! Thus, we are listing 5 very convenient and ultra-modern features without which your car might just turn out to be a relic!

1. Choose a car with precise steering control

The ideal car is, of course, the one which keeps its passengers safe. Hence, steering control is one feature you should never compromise on. Steering control is a primary feature in a car since it helps the driver control functions like speed, maneuvering, stability, etc . Believe it or not but most of the scratches on your car are attributed to the steering control that’s why it’s important to choose a car that has precise steering and a robust suspension for fun yet stable drives.


2. Safety mechanism and a durable engine make a car safer

Going on a test drive should never be the single determinant of your car’s safety. There are many other functions you should check before bringing that dream car home. Verify the windshields and the headlights offer good visibility. Ensure your ideal car has a good braking system, good restraint for injury protection, and has a feature to manage the impact. Make sure the engine of your car is designed for endurance and is equipped with precise robotics to ensure no error. Multiple tests at every stage of the production and continuous monitoring of the car will guarantee you go home with a safe vehicle! When is comes to safety, never ever compromise.


3. Always opt for a car with a built-in navigation system

Navigation is a great way to feel secure even when you are out of your comfort zone. It not only guides you in terms of directions but also ensures you and your car is always tracked.


4. Ensure your car has a tough body

If the body of a car is not tough enough, it can compromise your safety. A little research about the material that’s being used to make your car wouldn’t hurt anyone. Make sure, your car is made from high-strength auto grade steel and quality panels. These materials help with its durability. A car is meant for the family, so it should be built like one too, right?

Caucasian family in car windows on beach

5. Dust protection is just as important as the other features

Apart from dirtying your car, dust can cause massive allergies and respiratory diseases. In a country like India, no matter where you go, dust will inevitably follow you. That’s why it’s important to buy a car that provides extra dust protection. Look for dual sealing cars that ensure no matter where you are, no dust enters the car. So even if you are driving in a desert, off-roading in the Himalayas or driving on a road made of sand, you can be sure you and your family are safe from the harmful effects of dust.

Since buying a car is often a long-term commitment, you should be smart while narrowing down your options. Make a note of even the smallest feature because most of the time they are the ones that make a big difference. In this regard, you definitely need to check out the Ford Put To Test Series where they are testing various features of your favourite Ford Car. So, bring the best car home with Ford!


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